Contract Negotiation Rights

The right to negotiate a union contract has brought countless working people better wages and benefits. For LGBTQ working people, a union contract can be even more important. In the majority of states, it is still legal to fire someone based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

In these states, the fate of LGBTQ working people – and our families – is left to the whims of management. The union contract is really the only security on the job for LGBTQ working people. And even in states where stronger nondiscrimination laws exist, working people’s true power comes from standing together, united in union.

Having a voice in negotiating a contract is a huge, positive step toward securing LGBTQ-friendly, inclusive workplaces – from ensuring fair and safe work environments to fighting for wage and benefits equity. People in unions have been advocating for the rights and equity of LGBTQ working people for decades, providing non-discrimination contract language and domestic partner benefits.