An Injury to One is an Injury to All

WHEREAS, An injury to one is an injury to all; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we support the struggle for justice for union organizer Miriam Fried, and the right of workers at Borders Inc., a national bookstore chain, to engage in efforts to organize into the union(s) of their choice; […]

Resolution in Support of Pride at Work Becoming a Constituency Group of AFL-CIO

WHEREAS, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people make up an estimated 10% of the general population and are reflected in all sectors of society, including workplaces and unions; and WHEREAS, the AFL-CIO has 13 million members, 1 million are lesbian and gay (using a conservative 8% number); and WHEREAS, […]

Support for Labor ’96

WHEREAS, this year the AFL-CIO has launched an unprecedented program of political and legislative education of its members called Labor ’96; and WHEREAS, Labor ’96 seeks to educate its members of the anti-working family actions taking place by the Congress of the United States; and WHEREAS, Pride at Work opposes […]

Condemn Racist Attacks: Burning of African-American Churches

WHEREAS, dozens of African-American churches have been burned in a wave of racist terror sweeping the US; and WHEREAS, these attacks cannot be separated from the overall racist climate of hatred, bigotry, and scapegoating is meant to divide all working and poor people, at a time when we need to […]

Income Replacement for Domestic Partners

WHEREAS, California Public Employees Retirement System and other retirement plans provide spousal benefits to legally recognized spouses of plan members; and WHEREAS, spousal benefits provide for lifetime income security for spouses upon the death of the plan member; and WHEREAS, no comparable benefit exists for domestic partners of said plan […]

Affiliate Pride at Work with AFL-CIO

BE IT RESOLVED that Pride at Work will continue to explore the affiliation with the AFL-CIO. This will be accomplished through: The NSC will select a committee to negotiate with the AFL-CIO Negotiations will take place within the next two years Results or a plan will be submitted for ratification […]

Chrysler Proposal

WHEREAS, many gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Chrysler employees have suffered discrimination at the hands of Chrysler; and WHEREAS, attempts to lobby Chrysler for a policy of non-discrimination and domestic partnership benefits have proven unsuccessful; and WHEREAS, the International UAW has committed to adding the words “sexual orientation” the Equal […]

Support for Sandy Nelson’s ACLU Suit to Protect Workers’ Free Speech

WHEREAS, the labor movement has a proud history of supporting worker who are fighting back against management’s increasing attempts to control every aspect of their lives on and off the job; and WHEREAS, In 1990, award-winning lesbian journalist, veteran unionist, and longtime radical, Sandy Nelson, was removed from her education […]

Recognition of Desma Holcomb and Howard Wallace

WHEREAS, Desma Holcomb and Howard Wallace each served with great distinction as the first national Co-Chairs of Pride at Work, offices which were at first undefined and often little appreciated; and WHEREAS, their performance in those positions served to set the course for the further development of the new organization, […]


WHEREAS, Pride at Work has made a commitment to work toward passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and at this time no LGBT person has federal protection from discrimination in the work place; and WHEREAS, a few workplaces have policies of non-discrimination due to sexual orientation, these policies are […]