Resolution on the 2000 Census

Resolution to Support the Coors Boycott

Whereas, since 1975 the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender community has played a major role in fighting back against the Coors Brewery interests and its anti-people agenda; and Whereas, this boycott, was started by Chicano workers in Colorado in 1966 and continued in the LGBT community by leaders like Harvey Milk and Howard Wallace; […]

Resolution in Support of Union Health & Welfare Funds Covering Domestic Partners of Union Members

Whereas, union sponsored health and welfare programs provide a large percentage of union members with their benefits (e.g. health insurance, pension benefits), and Whereas, these benefits were fought for and won by all members of the bargaining unit or union, and Whereas, these benefits are designed to provide support for […]

Resolution in Support of AFL-CIO Constituency Groups* Gaining Official Representation on State Federation & Central Labor Council Executive Boards

Whereas, AFL-CIO constituency groups represent the full diversity of the growing American workforce, and Whereas, constituency groups bring a perspective and a voice not always heard in the labor movement, and Whereas, the elected officers who site on the State Federation Executive Boards and Central Labor Council Executive Boards represent […]

Resolution in Support of Including Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, & Gender Expression in Non-Discrimination Language and in Support of Full & Equal Benefits for LGBT Workers

Whereas, labor unions have historically taken the lead when it comes to demanding and winning expanded benefits for all working people (e.g. 8 hour day, FMLA); and Whereas, only a few of our large labor organizations (including AFL-CIO, SEIU and AFSCME) and scattered local unions have some form of written […]

Resolution to Oppose the Defense of Marriage Act

Whereas there is a nationwide movement, including court battles in several states, to legalize same-sex marriage Whereas bigoted right-wing hate groups have reacted to this movement by launching statewide ballot initiatives, designed to block recognition of same-sex marriages performed out of state; in the event they are ever legalized in […]

Resolution in Support of ENDA

Whereas the Employment Non-Discrimination Act would prohibit, at the federal level, discrimination on the basis of Sexual Orientation Whereas only ten states have thus far banned discrimination against lesbians, gays and bisexuals, leaving it perfectly legal in most states for employers to practice anti-gay discrimination Whereas not one single state […]

Resolution in Support of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Whereas Mumia Abu-Jamal has been on Pennsylvania’s death row since 1982 Whereas a new death warrant could be signed any time Whereas it has become clear that he did not receive a fair trial, that his conviction was the result of a trial involving coercion and bribing of witnesses – […]

Resolution to Demand the IRS Treat Domestic Partners Benefits in the Same Way as Benefits Provided to Married Workers

Whereas comprehensive and affordable health benefits are a fundamental civil right of individuals and families in a progressive developed society; and Whereas the AFL-CIO has committed itself to a practice of non-discrimination and the recognition of the rights of all individuals; and Whereas Pride At Work exists to mobilize mutual […]

Resolution to Support AFA’s Delta Organizing Campaign

Whereas Pride At Work recognizes the vital importance of organizing the unorganized; and Whereas Pride At Work’s growth as an organization is linked to its developing a national campaign to boost its visibility among working people; and Whereas Pride At Work already has chapters in many large urban centers that […]

Resolution on the 2000 Census

Whereas the federal decennial census is a means of ensuring fair and equal representation in government for all Americans; and Whereas census data is used to conduct congressional, state and local redistricting; allocate $180 billion in annual federal funds for health, education, transportation and many other programs; monitor and enforce […]