Resolution on Discrimination by the Boy Scouts of America

Resolution to Oppose Helms/Lieberman SB-894

WHEREAS homophobia and anti-unionism have been the hallmark of the political career of Jess Helms; and WHEREAS PAW believes every country has a right to its own sovereignty; and WHEREAS PAW believes all workers have the right to organize their own organizations without interference; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that PAW […]

Resolution Supporting Independent Funding for P@W

WHEREAS Pride At Work has endeavored to establish itself as the preeminent workplace rights advocacy group for all LGBT workers; and WHEREAS PAW believes that the right of workers to join and/or form unions is a fundamental civil right that needs to be strengthened through legislative, educational, and direct action […]

Resolution on the Equality Zone Project

WHEREAS a significant part of Pride At Work’s mission is to educate union leaders about the needs of LGBT members and potential members, and to educate LGBT leaders about the advantages of a strong labor movement; and WHEREAS the Equality Zone Project, launched by PAW in 1999, is envisioned as […]

Resolution to Support the Locked Out Steelworkers at AK Steel

WHEREAS over 600 steelworkers, members of USWA Local 169 in Mansfield, Ohio, have been locked out by AK/Armco Steel since September 1, 1999; and WHEREAS these workers were turned away after refusing management’s demand that they accept an agreement allowing for unlimited mandatory overtime, wreaking havoc on their personal and […]

Resolution to Support the Charleston Five

WHEREAS five leaders of ILA Local 1422 in Charleston, South Carolina, face up to five years in prison for charges of “felony riot”; and WHEREAS these charges stem from what Local 1422 President Ken Riley has termed a “police riot,” an attack by 600 cops on union members picketing a […]

Resolution to Condemn Mass Layoffs and Closings

WHEREAS not a day goes by without the news of one or more companies laying off large numbers of workers; and WHEREAS the Big Three alone are laying off tens of thousands of workers, with the crisis in the auto industry having a ripple effect throughout the whole economy; and […]

Resolution to Endorse the September 29, 2001 Mobilization Against Bush Administration

WHEREAS the Bush Administration and the corporations it serves pose a grave threat to the poor, to all working people, and to organized labor both in the United States and everywhere else on the planet; and WHEREAS the Bush Administration and the corporations it serves oppose to a woman’s right […]

Resolution to Support Immigrant Workers

WHEREAS immigrant workers are often the most abused and exploited members of the workforce often unable to advocate effectively for their rights; and WHEREAS union membership would help these workers to achieve fair wages, decent benefits and safe working environments; and WHEREAS in many instances, employers have threatened to report […]

Resolution to Condemn Racist Profiling and Police Brutality

WHEREAS the April rebellion in Cincinnati was sparked by a vicious killing of an unarmed 19-year old African-American man; and WHEREAS this was the 15th such killing in four years, and the fourth since last November; and WHEREAS this rebellion forced nationwide attention on the national epidemic of police brutality, […]

Resolution on Discrimination by the Boy Scouts of America

WHEREAS for decades, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has provided a positive experience for thousands of boys, helping them acquire important skills and maturity; and WHEREAS many Pride At Work members have benefited from their own scouting experiences over the years both as youth and later as adult volunteers; […]