Pride at Work Stands Against Attacks on Democracy

Pride at Work Stands Against Efforts to Erase Transgender Americans

For Immediate Release October 22, 2018 Contact: Jerame Davis – Pride at Work Stands Against Efforts to Erase Transgender Americans Washington – Yesterday, the New York Times reported that the Trump Administration is seeking to narrow the definition of gender in an effort to undermine legal protections for transgender […]

Transgender Rights in Massachusetts

WHEREAS, Massachusetts voters will be voting in the first ever statewide ballot imitative to rescind current rights for transgender people to have protected access to public accommodations, including restaurants, bathrooms, stores, sports facilities, and other public spaces; and WHEREAS, Pride at Work exists to defend the rights of all LGBTQIA […]

Resolution in Support of Boston Airport Workers

WHEREAS, two gay men who work at Boston Logan Airport recently filed complaints of anti-gay discrimination after enduring months of homophobic harassment on the job; and WHEREAS, their employer, Flight Services & Systems (FSS), took no known action to ensure the harassment stopped; and WHEREAS, the Massachusetts Port Authority, which […]

Condemning Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking of Children

WHEREAS, human trafficking is a global phenomenon that traps millions in cycles of exploitation for sex or labor and is often called “modern slavery”; it is a direct affront to individual human rights and jeopardizes community health; and WHEREAS, worldwide, human trafficking generates about $36 billion each year. About one […]

Pride at Work Stands in solidarity with the ‘Count Me In’ Movement

WHEREAS, Pride at Work and its chapters recognize that our movement is strongest when we act in solidarity and firmly support the reality that “an injury to one is an injury to all”; and WHEREAS, members of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York have created the […]

Fight Cuts to Federal Civil Rights Budgets, Offices, Laws, and Practices

WHEREAS, the current administration has proposed deep cuts to key civil rights office budgets, the withdrawal of numerous important civil and human rights policies, and the appointment of officials who appear bent on retreating from statutory civil and human rights agency priorities; and WHEREAS, extending equal opportunity in education, employment, […]

Demand Water Standards

WHEREAS, the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act of 2014 required that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with State and public water systems (PWS), notify and provide information to homes and communities once the EPA receives drinking water data that indicates a household has drinking water levels […]

Defend LGBTQ Rights

WHEREAS, Pride at Work (P@W) strives to be a unifying force for all LGBTQ union members, LGBTQ-identified workers, and their allies. We recognize that all workers should experience employment security, fair promotions, and benefits regardless of race, religion, age, ability, sexual orientation, or gender expression/identity; and WHEREAS, it is one […]

Pride at Work Stands Against Attacks on Democracy

WHEREAS, we stand in solidarity with all persons around the world who cherish democracy, and we are compelled to speak about the very real threats to democracy in America today; and WHEREAS, according to the Journal of Democracy, two-thirds of millennials believe it is not essential to live in a […]