Update on COVID-19 & Pride at Work

2020 Census FAQ for Queer Working People

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2020 Census FAQ for Queer Working People What is the 2020 Census? Every 10 years, the Federal Government attempts to count every person living in the US. The 2020 Census will aim to capture everyone living in the US on April 1st, 2020. When does the Census begin? Data collection begins in March and will continue through May 14, 2020. The Census can be completed online, by mail, or by phone. Will there be any questions capturing data about LGBTQ people on the 2020 Census? Shortly after…

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for LGBTQ Working People

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Coronavirus Resources LGBTQ working people have seen a major impact – both in their health and their checkbooks – by COVID-19 pandemic. LGBTQ people have higher rates of smoking, a risk factor, as well as higher rates of cancer and other immune-compromised conditions, which are risk factors for worse health outcomes when contracting this virus. Additionally, LGBTQ working people are more likely have jobs in industries being hit hard by the crisis, such as creative, transportation, service, and others. We’re also more…

Update on COVID-19 & Pride at Work

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We know this is a very concerning time for everyone right now, and we are reaching out to provide important information pertinent to LGBTQ workers. Many of you are on the frontlines, doing your best to respond to this outbreak as healthcare workers, airline personnel, educators, firefighters, emergency response personnel, and others. We see and appreciate the work you are doing and thank you for your dedication. LGBTQ WORKING PEOPLE & COVID-19 LGBTQ working people are some of the most…