Contract Negotiation Rights

The right to negotiate a union contract has brought countless working people better wages and benefits. For LGBTQ+ working people, a union contract can be even more important. A union contract is still the best, most durable protection from discrimination for LGBTQ working people on the job.

An inclusive union contract doesn’t just prohibit LGBTQ+ discrimination, it provides support, representation, and a clear process to grieve and resolve potential acts of discrimination. Collective action in unions puts power into the hands of working people and gives us a voice in the workplace.

Having a voice in negotiating a contract is a huge, positive step toward securing LGBTQ+-friendly, inclusive workplaces – from ensuring fair and safe work environments to fighting for wage and benefits equity. People in unions have been advocating for the rights and equity of LGBTQ+ working people for decades, providing non-discrimination contract language, domestic partner benefits, and more.