2018 Triennial Convention Resolutions

(as passed 8/25/2018)

  1. Inclusive Contracts Matter to LGBTQ Working People
  2. Gender-Neutral Restrooms in Every Workplace
  3. LGBTQ Working People Will Overcome Janus
  4. Stop Terrorizing Immigrant Workers
  5. Pride at Work Stands in Solidarity with the Poor People’s Campaign
  6. Resolution to Support a National Ban on Conversion Therapy
  7. LGBTQ & Labor Rights and the United States Supreme Court
  8. Decriminalization of Sex Work to Improve Community Health and Safety, and to Protect the Human Rights of Sex Workers
  9. Transgender Healthcare Is Under Attack and Unions Can Help
  10. Religious Exemptions to Nondiscrimination Laws Harm Us All
  11. Pride at Work Stands Against Attacks on Democracy
  12. Defend LGBTQ Rights
  13. Demand Water Standards
  14. Fight Cuts to Federal Civil Rights Budgets, Offices, Laws, and Practices
  15. Resolution held for reconsideration
  16. Pride at Work Stands in solidarity with the ‘Count Me In’ Movement
  17. Condemning Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking of Children
  18. Resolution in Support of Boston Airport Workers
  19. Resolution held for reconsideration
  20. Transgender Rights in Massachusetts

2015 Triennial Convention Resolutions

(as passed 8/29/2015)

1999 Convention Resolutions

(as passed 2/25/1999)

1996 Convention Resolutions

(as passed 6/29/1996)