Elizabeth Rockett

Program and Membership Director

Elizabeth Rockett has 17 years of organizing framework experience. She has worked as an organizer both for Labor Unions and non-profits. She was a Service Representative (IUPAT), Director of Negotiations (UFCW) and Director of Government Affairs (IUPAT) prior to her role at Pride at Work.

Elizabeth created and was the chair of IUPAT’s first ever LGBTQIA+ Constituency group working to ensure queer workers in the Building Trades have a voice. She worked tirelessly on creating stronger more inclusive non-discrimination language in bargaining contracts for IUPAT and UFCW, where she won contract language that included bathroom access protections, name change protections, and required equity trainings, the first of its kind for major healthcare contracts.

Elizabeth has a Masters Degree in Political Management from George Washington University, a second Masters Degree in Indigenous Education where she specialized in Tribal Labor Agreements from Arizona State University and a Bachelors Degree from Washington State University.

Elizabeth and her partner Kellan, their four kiddos and way too many pets live in Seattle, Washington.

She is a believer that we can create the change we wish to see and that when we get push back, we PUSH BACK. Solidarity forever.