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Detroit Newspapers Strike

WHEREAS, about 2000 of our union brothers and sisters are on strike against the Detroit News Free Press; and WHEREAS, this strike, which began July 13, 1995, represents a classic confrontation between the richest publishing chains in the US and the solidarity and dedication of Detroit’s Metropolitan Council of Newspaper Unions; and WHEREAS, there is … Read More

Chapter Financial Responsibility

WHEREAS, Pride at Work must raise funds in order to fulfill its national objectives which include: (among other objectives) assisting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender union members to form local chapters all over the country; lobbying at all levels of government to further its objectives; communications on a regular basis between the elected officers of … Read More

Organizing Institute LGBT Training

WHEREAS, the purpose of Pride at Work is to mobilize mutual support between the organized labor movement and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities, and to support he organizing of LGBT workers into unions; and WHEREAS, the mission of the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute is to recruit and train a new generation of union … Read More

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