Celebrating Solidarity 2021

Our annual Celebrating Solidarity event is how we recognize Pride month and spotlight key allies in our mission to build power for LGBTQ working people.

In years past, this has been an in-person gathering in Washington, DC. This year, with Facebook Live and our new Solidarity Packs, we’re making it easier than ever for members across the country to join us to toast this year’s honorees, Carmen Berkley and United Auto Workers.

Our Honorees

[column column=”one_half”]Carmen Berkley is a great friend and ally of LGBTQ working people. During her time as the Civil, Human, and Women’s Rights director at the AFL-CIO, Carmen lifted up LGBTQ working people’s voices at every opportunity. Despite leaving the AFL-CIO in 2016, our members still talk about Carmen’s impact on them and our organization. She ensured Pride at Work was at the forefront when LGBTQ issues were on the table. When we needed a nudge in the right direction, Carmen was always there to be that guide. Because of Carmen’s work, Pride at Work was able to partner with more unions than we ever had in the past. [/column][column column=”one_half” last=”true”]United Auto Workers made headlines more than two decades ago when they negotiated domestic partner benefits for LGBTQ working people at the Big Three automakers – Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. At the time, the Labor Movement was still evolving on LGBTQ issues, so this move by UAW with the Big Three changed the debate. Recently, UAW blazed new trails by making Pride at Work’s LGBTQ curriculum a standard part of their civil and human rights training program. And just this month, the union announced they are forming an official LGBTQ Caucus as part of their civil and human rights committee.[/column]

Solidarity Packs

Reserve by June 14th

We want you to be part of the celebration! Members can reserve a special Solidarity Pack that will arrive in time for the program on June 24th. Share a toast with us and get your exclusive limited edition Pride at Work swag today. Thanks to support from our sponsoring unions and organizations, Solidarity Packs are only $15 for members.

Each Solidarity Pack includes:

  • Personal bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling beverage
  • Special fluted glass to toast our honorees
  • Mini rainbow flag to show your pride
  • Exclusive Pride at Work cork coasters
  • And more!

Reserve your Solidarity Pack by June 14th and then join us on June 24th on Facebook for the event!

Supplies are limited!

Thanks to support from our sponsoring unions and organizations,