Democracy Awakening

Democracy AwakeningOur democracy is on the brink. Practically every day, we the people lose our collective influence while the rich and powerful gain more and more. For LGBTQ folks, the stakes are incredibly clear. In more than half of the states, it is legal to fire someone for being LGBTQ. As if that’s not terrible enough, anti-LGBTQ forces are also trying to ban transgender people from using restrooms and carve our exemptions to what little non-discrimination protections we have through so-called “religious freedom” laws.

Why, despite the overwhelming support for LGBTQ equality in this country, have our politicians not passed federal anti-discrimination legislation? Because the system has been manipulated in favor of wealthy CEOs and Wall Street: the people’s priorities have been put on the back burner. Our democracy has been taken over by corporations and the rich and we are left in the cold. So what can we do about it?

Join the Democracy Awakening movement and tell Congress to take the money out of politics and restore the Voting Rights Act by signing this petition.

And then join us in April as we take action in Washington and throughout the country to awaken our democracy and rise up against the threats to our common purpose. April 16-18, Democracy Awakening will take to the streets and to Capitol Hill to make our voices heard.

This issue is so important, I, along with dozens of others, have agreed to risk arrest to ensure that Congress hears our message loud and clear: we want big money out of politics and our voting rights restored.

We will not be able to enact positive, progressive change if the rich and powerful continue to buy control of our government. We can change the rules. We can regain power. We can restore our democracy. But we must act together.

Join me in supporting the Democracy Awakening and sign our petition.

LGBTQ people, working people, people of color, women, immigrants, young people – all of us – we have to stand together and speak with one clear voice to demand the change we need. This is an election year and our elected leaders want our votes. Let them know the status quo isn’t working and our support will not be taken for granted.

See you in the streets!