How Unions Can Protect LGBT Rights in the Age of Trump

After a decade of unprecedented progress, LGBT activists find themselves  facing challenges that few of us could have foreseen even a year ago. While the new Trump administration has not made its attitude toward LGBT people completely clear, it represents social forces that are mostly hostile to LGBT rights.

And the pushback against LGBT rights did not start with the presidential campaign. Dozens of anti-LGBT bills were introduced in state legislatures last year, and although most failed, North Carolina’s HB2 was enacted and remains on the books. It bars municipalities from enacting anti-discrimination and worker protection ordinances and, most notoriously, prohibits transgender people from using restroom facilities in public buildings consistent with their gender identity.

Dozens more such bills have been introduced this year, including SB6 in Texas, which is similar to the North Carolina law in its impact on trans people, but substantially more punitive.

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