Immediate Withdrawal Of United States Troops In Iraq

Whereas, in 2002, Pride At Work became the first national labor organization to come out against the proposed war with Iraq and,

Whereas, the war in Iraq has ravaged the Iraqi people, killing thousands of innocent civilians,

Whereas, the war in Iraq has cost the United States over $300 billion, and will cost over $500 billion by the end of 2009 and,

Whereas, the war in Iraq, has put hundreds of thousands of working American young people, in the crosshairs of an immoral and illegal conflict, where they must become an occupying force over other working people, and

Whereas, the war in Iraq, is depleting United States funds that should be going to fight poverty, unemployment, and the crumbling internal infrastructure of the United States, and

Whereas, the war in Iraq, even though a complete failure, is stoking some United States sector into further war mongering with the scope on countries like Iran and Syria, and

Whereas, American intervention in the region has only destabilized an already unstable situation, be it therefore

Resolved that Pride At Work, AFL-CIO calls for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, and a complete cessation of all violence in the region, and we call on President George W. Bush to publicly state that the United States military has no plans to attack Iran and Syria.

Submitted by Nancy Wohlforth, Pride At Work Co-President on August, 11th, 2006.