Immigration Resolution

Whereas, anti-immigrant measures negatively affect the immigrant community, regardless of legal status or citizenship status,

Whereas, xenophobia, racism, scapegoating and paranoia have dominated the national immigration debate, blatantly using immigrants to change the subject from a failed Congress and Administration; and,

Whereas, the current immigration system is flawed and has resulted in numerous deaths on the borders and contributed to the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants; and,

Whereas, a culturally diverse workforce is a stronger and more efficient workforce; and,

Whereas, as LGBT people, our foreign born domestic partners (or same sex spouses) are not offered equal rights to immigrate under the law, which tears apart countless families; and,

Whereas, immigrant workers have endured deplorable working conditions such as long hours with no overtime pay, no access to worker compensation, little regard for their safety and health, discrimination, harassment, blacklisting, and have little or no protection by government agencies in charge of enforcing labor laws; and,

Whereas, immigrant workers lack job security, a living wage and are trapped in these low wage industries without hope of improving their lives and that of their families; and,

Whereas, immigrant workers face higher levels of exploitation because some lack legal documentation and are subject to threats and harassment of being thrown out of the country, and/or incarcerated, thereby creating a fearful working and living environment; and,

Whereas, immigrant workers and their families, because of their immigration status, are also systematically denied access to a driver’s license, decent health care, social services and quality education

Let it be resolved, that we, as an organization in a country built by immigrants, believe that true legalization in this country should be given in a form of permanent legal status and citizenship.  This should not be limited to any country of origin or work industry.

Be it further resolved, that Pride at Work believes that everyone, regardless of immigration status, deserves access to health care, a living wage, and safe and affordable housing.

Be it further resolved, that Pride at Work, believes that immigration laws should be inclusive of same-sex couples and couples where one or both partners are transgender, and support reunification of all families.

Be it finally resolved, that Pride at Work remains dedicated to education about immigration issues, encourages our members to contribute to efforts to organize immigrant workers into unions in the United States, work to end the inequities caused by free trade agreement and work in coalition with unions in other countries to organize workers internationally and encourages our members to act as advocates for the education of undocumented immigrants a bout their human rights.

Submitted by Kawazi Imbarra, PAW People of Color Caucus, September 9, 2006