LGBTQ+ Labor for Climate Justice

The climate crisis is an existential threat to all people that requires immediate action at a scale as massive as the emergency we’re up against, and we have a responsibility to play an active part in that fight as labor organizers, and as an LGBTQ+ community that faces disproportionate levels of harm.

The science has been consistently clear for years: we have less than a decade to fundamentally transform our society from the ground up if we are to prevent the worst of projected climate catastrophes that would threaten the lives and homes of billions of people all across the globe. These climate catastrophes are already being felt through severe wildfires, extreme weather events, intensifying natural disasters, and more, and are on track to escalate at an exponential rate. Notable levels of harm in the midst of this crisis are felt particularly by queer, and especially trans individuals due to social and economic vulnerability.

We must organize to ensure that trans and queer worker voices are uplifted in discussions on climate, that our struggles and needs are included in the formulation of solutions, and that queer and trans liberation takes a central role in the fight to achieve historic action for climate justice and a livable future.

Grounded in an understanding of the stakes of the climate crisis, its impacts on the LGBTQ+ community, and the necessity for immediate substantial action, we commit to the following:

  • We will create an LGBTQ+ Labor for Climate Justice national working group that will initiate and maintain collaborative relationships with environmental justice organizations, and develop systems of support for Pride at Work chapters to take action on climate
  • We will call for and support the unionization of the green energy economy
  • We will support a just transition for union fossil fuel industry workers into union green energy economy jobs
  • We will publicly call and organize for immediate, massive, and historic investment in achieving 100% clean and renewable energy within the next 10 years

Submitted by Pride at Work Twin Cities