Note from the Executive Director: May 2020

Welcome, everyone! I’m so excited to kick off this inaugural Pride at Work newsletter and share with you some of what’s going on with LGBTQ working people around the nation. This is such a trying time for all of us, but we know that LGBTQ working people – especially transgender folk, queer people of color, and women – are being hit hard.

Every day, Pride at Work is fighting for the needs of LGBTQ working people. We’ve shifted a lot of focus to our online platforms, like social media, email, and our website to better communicate with our members and supporters.

Each month through this newsletter, we will bring you news about LGBTQ working people and the labor movement. If you have story ideas for us, drop us a line at and tell us what you’re thinking. Here’s what we have this month

Our COVID-19 resource is an ever-updating list of resources to help those in need. You can find industry-specific, union-specific, state-specific, and queer-specific resources as well as actions you can take and more. The information is laid out in clear categories and important items are in bold to help them stand out.

Also in this email, we’ve linked our Census Guide for LGBTQ Working People, which will help you in filling out your Census form. An accurate Census is absolutely vital to advancing the issues important to LGBTQ working people and we want to be sure every LGBTQ person participates. The questions as they pertain to gender and our relationships aren’t perfect, but we’ve made great advances in ensuring at least part of our community is recognized in the data.

In addition to our national office, so many of our chapters are doing phenomenal work in this crisis. From Boston to Miami to Seattle to Bowling Green, Kentucky, our chapters are organizing, providing services, educating, and agitating. We’ll be highlighting the work of chapters in each edition of the newsletter starting with South Florida this month. We’re also thrilled to highlight an article from featuring Pride at Work board member and Colorado AFL-CIO president, Josette Jaramillo.

As always, if there’s ever anything Pride at Work can do for you, reach out to us at

In Solidarity,