Pride at Work Congratulates Newly Elected AFL-CIO Leadership

WASHINGTON – Today, the AFL-CIO Executive Council elected AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler as their new president after the passing of former president Richard Trumka. United Steel Workers Vice President, Fred Redmond, was elected to replace Shuler as Secretary-Treasurer. Shuler is the first woman to be elected president of the AFL-CIO and Redmond is the first African American to be elected Secretary-Treasurer.

“There is no better choice to lead our great Federation than Liz Shuler and Fred Redmond,” said Pride at Work Executive Director, Jerame Davis. “I have worked closely with both President Shuler and Secretary-Treasurer Redmond and both are strong champions for LGBTQ working people.

“President Shuler, during her time as Secretary-Treasurer, was always there for Pride at Work when we needed something. She has spoken of her passion for equality at many of our events. I consider her an ally and friend and I know she will always have LGBTQ working people at heart as she leads us forward.

“Secretary-Treasurer Redmond, while he was Vice President of the Steelworkers formed that union’s first LGBTQ Advisory Committee and invited Pride at Work to participate from the start. He has made massive strides in promoting LGBTQ equality within and among the Steelworkers and will bring that vision to the AFL-CIO.

“Along with Executive Vice President, Tefere Gebre, the AFL-CIO has elected its most diverse leadership team in its history. Pride at Work is excited for the future of the Federation and can’t wait to work with this new leadership team to build a modern, diverse, and powerful labor movement that is inclusive of all workers.”


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