Pride at Work Reacts to New York Legislature Passage of LGBTQ Protections

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January 15, 2019
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Pride at Work Reacts to New York Legislature Passage of LGBTQ Protections
Today, the New York Senate passed two pieces of legislation to protect LGBTQ people in the state. Once signed by Governor Cuomo, New York will become the 20th state in the US to ban discrimination against transgender Americans and the 15th state to ban so-called “ex-gay” conversion therapy. Pride at Work Executive Director, Jerame Davis, issued the following statement:
“We are winning despite the constant attacks from Trump,” said Davis. “If we can’t get the protections we need in Washington, we’ll get them in the statehouses. That’s exactly what activists and advocates did in New York to pass GENDA – nondiscrimination protections for transgender people – as well as a ban on so-call conversion therapy.
“The work done in New York could be a model for the majority of states where it is still legal to discriminate against LGBTQ people.”
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