Resolution: In Remembrance of Cheryl Bollinger

A Resolution in Remembrance of Cheryl Bollinger

WHEREAS, Cheryl Bollinger served as Co-Vice President of Pride at Work from 2009-2012, helping to see us through a difficult time, and;

WHEREAS, Cheryl was a rock of stability and good will through an often contentious process. Regardless of differences of opinion, Cheryl was always respectful and considerate to others, and;

WHEREAS, she was both an advocate and a bridge builder, and;

WHEREAS, before joining Pride at Work’s Executive Committee, Cheryl helped to rebuild our Michigan Chapter, and;

WHEREAS, she also served as Co-Vice President of SEIU’s Lavender Caucus, and;

WHEREAS, Cheryl retired from the leadership of Pride at Work at our last convention in September 2012, and;

WHEREAS Cheryl died in December 2013;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Pride at Work remember Cheryl’s memory and legacy.