Resolution in Support of Boston Airport Workers

WHEREAS, two gay men who work at Boston Logan Airport recently filed complaints of anti-gay discrimination after enduring months of homophobic harassment on the job; and

WHEREAS, their employer, Flight Services & Systems (FSS), took no known action to ensure the harassment stopped; and

WHEREAS, the Massachusetts Port Authority, which runs Logan Airport, prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender expression and sexual orientation; and

WHEREAS, the Massachusetts Port Authority’s operating agreement with FSS forbids discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation; and

WHEREAS, Pride at Work opposes all forms of bias and discrimination on the job and supports full equality without restrictions or barriers for LGBTQIA+ individuals;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Pride at Work calls on the Massachusetts Port Authority to investigate the conduct of FSS management in this matter, and take appropriate action to ensure that no operator at Logan can discriminate with impunity.

Submitted by Marie Elder, Boston Chapter
Approved August 25, 2108