Resolution in Support of Including Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, & Gender Expression in Non-Discrimination Language and in Support of Full & Equal Benefits for LGBT Workers

Whereas, labor unions have historically taken the lead when it comes to demanding and winning expanded benefits for all working people (e.g. 8 hour day, FMLA); and
Whereas, only a few of our large labor organizations (including AFL-CIO, SEIU and AFSCME) and scattered local unions have some form of written non-discrimination policies which includes sexual orientation and/or some form of domestic partner benefit policies; and
Whereas, g/l/b/t union members have struggled arm in arm with their straight brothers and sisters to win decent benefits and protections for all workers; and
Whereas, most local unions do not include a demand for domestic partner benefits or a demand to include sexual orientation, gender identity & gender expression in their non-discrimination clause as part of contract negotiations; and
Whereas, most g/l/b/t workers are legally able to be fired based on their sexual orientation in 40 states; and
Whereas, many g/l/b/t workers are unable to access traditional benefits because their loved ones are not recognized as legitimate family members in most union contracts;
Therefore, Be It Resolved that PAW urge the AFL-CIO to ensure that all of its national and international unions, state federations and central labor councils negotiate for (or support local unions when negotiating for) domestic partner benefits that include bereavement leave, parental leave and pension rights and extends FMLA to include domestic partners;
And Be It Further Resolved that the AFL-CIO also seeks to ensure that unions negotiate for a non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation, gender identity & gender expression;
And, Be It Further Resolved that any benefits negotiated for g/l/b/t workers utilize the same standard as that used for married people or unmarried straight couples when determining eligibility.
Submitted by: GALLAN/PAW Chapter of Boston