Resolution on Creating a P@W Policy Booklet

WHEREAS, Pride at Work (P@W) has existed as a national organization since 1994; and

WHEREAS, P@W has taken critical positions on major issues of concern to the l/g/b/t community; and

WHEREAS, P@W has developed strategic action campaigns around these issues; and

WHEREAS, P@W has been in the forefront of winning anti-discrimination and domestic partner benefits for l/g/b/t workers; and

WHEREAS, P@W is the official constituency group of the AFL-CIO representing the struggle for equal rights and benefits for all l/g/b/t workers within the trade union movement; and

WHEREAS, this third biennial convention of P@W will be mapping out specific goals an campaigns for the organization for the next two-year period; and

WHEREAS, one of our goals is to publicize our policies and our positions to the broadest possible audience, both within and the trade union movement and within the l/g/b/t community;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the newly-elected Steering Committee of P@W codify and publicize our policies, resolutions, and campaign plans in a policy statement booklet for general distribution and that said policy statement booklet be ready for distribution by July 1, 1999.