Resolution on Discrimination by the Boy Scouts of America

WHEREAS for decades, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has provided a positive experience for thousands of boys, helping them acquire important skills and maturity; and
WHEREAS many Pride At Work members have benefited from their own scouting experiences over the years both as youth and later as adult volunteers; and
WHEREAS the BSA has a clearly stated policy, upheld by a right-wing Supreme Court, that bans gay men, atheists and agnostics from their ranks and has gone so far as to exclude and/or fire from their ranks not only those who identify themselves as gay, atheist or agnostic, but also those who simply oppose their hateful policy; and
WHEREAS PAW recognizes that many union members and their children are deeply involved with local scouting organizations, which are not permitted to independently reject the BSA policy; and
WHEREAS we recognize and celebrate the work already done by the AFL-CIO, its officers and affiliate unions to adopt resolutions and statements towards ending discrimination of all kinds;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this 4th Biennial Convention of Pride At Work call upon the AFL-CIO Executive Council to respond to PAWs request and state their opposition to the BSA policy;
AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that PAW call on all international unions, and central and state labor councils to condemn the Boy Scouts of America’s discriminatory policy and sever official ties with them until such time that they repeal the policy;
AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that PAW encourage those union members and their children who are Boy Scout members to work from within to change the national policy.
Submitted by: PAW Executive Committee