Resolution on the Equality Zone Project

WHEREAS a significant part of Pride At Work’s mission is to educate union leaders about the needs of LGBT members and potential members, and to educate LGBT leaders about the advantages of a strong labor movement; and

WHEREAS the Equality Zone Project, launched by PAW in 1999, is envisioned as a vehicle for Pride At Work activists to approach local union and other organizational leaders to begin a dialogue about the needs of LGBT workers and the advantages of welcoming these workers as members, leaders, customers, or employees into their organizations; and

WHEREAS the primary tools of the project are the Equality Zone placard– incorporating traditional symbols of the inverted pink triangle representing the LGBT community, clasped hands representing worker solidarity, and the circle indicating a safe and inclusive space, and the Pride At Work membership application which together send an internationally recognizable message of understanding and welcome for LGBT workers.

WHEREAS organizations are encouraged to 1) support Pride At Work by joining as an Organizational Member and 2) displaying the Equality Zone placard in a prominent place in their facility or office, generating financial support critically needed to support the programs of Pride At Work and conveying to those entering these establishments that “This is a place where human rights are respected and where lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are welcome and supported.”

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Pride At Work calls upon its chapters and activists to promote the Equality Zone Project in their communities, with their unions, and among their coalition partners.

Submitted by:
PAW Executive Committee