Resolution: Supporting the Massage Advocacy Project

Resolution Supporting the Massage Advocacy Project

Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) work hard across the country to help their customers live healthier, more holistic lives. But many LMTs struggle with low wages, limited access to health care and no time off.

To make their lives better, LMTs are joining together in the Massage Advocacy Project, a massage therapist-led advocacy organization launched by Working America in the Portland, OR area to make their lives and workplaces better and to build collective strength.

As many working LMTs are allies and members of the LGBTQ community, Pride at Work should stand with LMTs to improve working conditions.


-Pride at Work believes that no employee should be forced to work without access to health care, and no time off of work.

-Pride at Work will work with Working America support the Massage Advocacy Project by helping to communicate and reach out to members in the Portland area.

-Pride at Work will encourage its local Portland chapter to urge members to support and educate the local community on the Massage Advocacy Project and its campaigns.