Resolution to Commission a New Official Logo for Pride at Work

WHEREAS, the Pride at Work organization has been officially recognized as a Constituency Group of the AFL-CIO; and

WHEREAS, the organization is evolving to meet the new challenge that accompany that status; and

WHEREAS, the continued growth of the organization is a critical objective of this evolution; and

WHEREAS, growth in membership will require the development of new marketing strategies and materials; and

WHEREAS, the logo that was developed for the 3rd Biennial Convention offers a fresh, contemporary look for the newly recognized Constituency Group; and

WHEREAS this logo captures an inclusive, gender neutral them; and

WHEREAS this logo incorporates a message as to the importance of organizing for Pride at Work’s growth as well as the growth of the larger labor community; and

WHEREAS, the current logo incorporates graphic elements that reprint the Pink Triangle, a traditional simpering of Gay Liberation; and

WHEREAS the current logo includes words that define who, moth the greater labor community, the organization is primarily committed to serving; and

WHEREAS, a new logo that embodies all the best qualities of both the Organization and Convention logos would strengthen our organization in achieving greater visibility and recognition, and would contribute to our growth;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Executive Board be empowered to sponsor a contest, with the aim of selecting a new official logo; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the NEB will determine the length of time of the contest and the prize to be awarded to the designer of the selected logo.