Resolution to Oppose Helms/Lieberman SB-894

WHEREAS homophobia and anti-unionism have been the hallmark of the political career of Jess Helms; and

WHEREAS PAW believes every country has a right to its own sovereignty; and

WHEREAS PAW believes all workers have the right to organize their own organizations without interference;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that PAW condemns any legislation, including the Helms/Lieberman #S894, which would allocate millions of US dollars to interfere with democractic Cuban workers’ organizations;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that PAW ask the AFL-CIO to denounce such legislation and work for its defeat, and to refuse all sources of funding ultimately originating from Helms/Lieberman #S894.

Submitted by;
Ann Montague, Oregon PAW
Linda Roberts, SEIU L. 10000, Sacramento
Outfront Labor/PAW Seattle
Bob Lewis, SF Bay Area PAW NEB rep
Eileen Berkan, East Bay PAW