Resolution to Oppose the Defense of Marriage Act

Whereas there is a nationwide movement, including court battles in several states, to legalize same-sex marriage
Whereas bigoted right-wing hate groups have reacted to this movement by launching statewide ballot initiatives, designed to block recognition of same-sex marriages performed out of state; in the event they are ever legalized in any state
Whereas the so-called Defense Of Marriage Act, passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton, denies recognition at the federal level to same-sex marriages
Whereas the AFL-CIO officially opposes ballot measures that legalize discrimination
Whereas there have been many examples of labor uniting with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community to defeat homophobic initiatives
Therefore Be It Resolved that Pride At Work calls upon the AFL-CIO, through the State Federations, the Central Labor Councils, the various Internationals, and all of the Constituency Groups, to unite with the LGBT Community to defeat current and future right-wing anti-marriage legislation or ballot initiatives
And Be It Further Resolved that Pride At Work supports the right of same-sex couples to become legally married, while at the same time opposing discrimination based on marital status
And Be It Further Resolved that while we oppose denying anyone the right to marry, we are committed to continuing the fight for domestic partner benefits, and ultimately for free health care for everyone
Submitted by: Conference Planning Committee PAW/AFL-CIO 1999