Resolution to Promote a Pride At Work Educators Summit

Whereas, Pride at Work (PAW) represents the constituency of the many affiliates of the AFL-CIO,Change to Win and other unions,

Whereas, all constituents and affiliates come from communities where free public education and the ability for all students to receive a high quality public education in a safe environment are critical to the vitality of the community, and

Whereas, education workers, especially GLBT personnel, in these communities often are not aware of their rights on the job nor the rights of the GLBT students with whom they work, and

Whereas, these workers also suffer discrimination and misfortune in their communities,

Therefore, be it resolved that Pride at Work form an organizing committee to promote an educators summit for its members, affiliates of the AFL-CIO, Change to Win and other unions.  The summit’s purpose will be to focus on rights and protections for all educators/education personnel and to supports GLBT students and families in K-12 schools, colleges and  universities, and

Be it further resolved, that this organizing committee and attendees at the subsequent summit represent but are not limited to AFT, NEA, GLSEN, SEIU, AFSCME, UAW, IBT, American Pledge, Human Rights Campaign, National Gay and Lesbian Caucus, and other like-minded organizations, and

Be it finally resolved, that this conference be held before the next Pride at Work Triennial convention, currently scheduled for 2009.

Submitted by:  AFT Caucus of Pride at Work September 7, 2006