Resolution to Review and Revise IRS Codes and Social Security Regulations

Whereas, the primary impediments to social and economic equality are imbedded in the hundreds of regulations and interpretations of the IRS code, Civil Service Law and other Federal programs and entitlements,

Whereas, the growing awareness and visibility of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) families and partnerships have highlighted the inequalities for social, health and survivor benefits,

Whereas, AFT national, state and local organizations have fought, and in many cases, won significant improvements for GLBT benefits and recognition, though more must be done, and,

Whereas, increasing awareness of gender orientation and identity in the societal fabric of America has become politicized,

Therefore, be it resolved that Pride at Work (PAW) urge the AFL-CIO and its affiliates and Change to Win,to make equity and justice for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender families and individuals the highest priority for political action, education and organizing initiatives, and

Be it finally resolved,that Pride at Work (PAW) urge the AFL-CIO and its affiliatesand Change to Win to propose legislative review and revision of the United States Tax Codes, administered by the Internal Revenue Service, particularly Section 127, and Social Security regulations.

Submitted by: AFT Caucus of Pride at Work September 7, 2006