Resolution to Support the Right to Choose

Whereas, Pride at Work, although a relatively new organization, was born out of a vision and struggle to ensure that no one is left out in the fight for equality and justice; and

Whereas, Pride At Work was established to give voice to LGBT workers in the workplace, the LGBT movement, and the labor movement; and

Whereas, as LGBT workers and unionists, we expect others to uphold our rights and ensure that our fight for equality is part of the overall struggle for social and economic justice. We must be equally unwavering in our fight for justice and equality for all; and

Whereas, part of this battle is for the complete equality of women, and that includes the reproductive freedom for all women; and

Whereas, we recognize that to many, the right to choose is an emotional issue, and some object to the right to choose on religious and moral grounds. And even the AFL-CIO has yet to take an explicit pro-choice position; and

Whereas, we also know that some oppose LGBT rights on moral and religious grounds, but we know and argue that labor must uphold the human rights of all people, including LGBT people, as full human rights are trade union principles that must not be compromised; and

Whereas, fighting for racial justice in many unions used to be “controversial” (and still is among some) but it was/is right to challenge bigotry and discrimination. Upholding the Right to Choose demonstrates that we mean business when we say we support full equality for women;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that Pride At Work resolve to uphold the Right to Choose for all women, and declare our unflinching solidarity with our sisters in CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) who are solidly pro-choice, and all working women. And as such, Pride At Work shall issue this pro-choice statement to the AFL-CIO, CLUW, all other AFL-CIO constituency groups, and any others as appropriate.

Submitted by: Out Front Labor Coalition/Seattle area PAW Chapter