Resolution to Support the Work and Family Bill of Rights

Whereas working families have a right to earn livable wages while providing the best possible care for their families; and

Whereas that care may include paying for services such as childcare or elder care or having paid time off from work to care for family members;

Be It Therefore Resolved that working families have certain fundamental rights related to work and family which include:

  1. The right to paid family and medical leave for: maternity and paternity leave, including adoptive parents caring for sick family members non-emergency family needs such as family medical appointments or school activities recovering from one’s own illness.
  2. The right to have control over work hours including: flexible schedules which allow families time to care for children and other family members who need care a shorter work week with no loss of pay no mandatory overtime.
  3. The right to quality childcare and elder care, which is affordable and accessible, that provides living wages for the care provider.
  4. The right to a living wage, including equal pay for work of equal value.
  5. The right to adequate healthcare coverage for families and workers.
  6. That the definition of family must be expanded to include all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status, that this family definition be used for medical coverage, other benefits, family leave and bereavement leave to allow workers to take time off for family members such as grandparents, domestic partners, the children of domestic partners, in-laws the parents of domestic partners and siblings, and siblings of domestic partners.

And Be It Further Resolved that Pride At Work adopt this resolution on WORK and FAMILY BILL OF RIGHTS and work towards its implementation in the bargaining strategies of the unions in which its members are part of as well as public benefit agencies.

Submitted by: Karin Hart; El Carrito, CA