Starbucks Workers United in Bargaining

After two years of organizing, two years of actions, and two years of demanding a Union contract, Pride at Work Solidarity Award Honorees Starbucks Workers United have begun bargaining for their first Union Contract! They are working to create a foundational framework that will become the basic language for every single store contract.

The determination and resilience of Starbucks Workers United is truly awe-inspiring. Despite facing numerous challenges, they have stood together in solidarity to demand what they rightfully deserve. Their unwavering commitment to being part of a Union serves as a powerful reminder that collective action can bring about real and meaningful change.

Let’s continue to support and stand with Starbucks Workers United as they navigate the path toward securing their first Union Contract and support this testament to the strength of unity and the unwavering spirit of those who dare to fight for justice.

Congratulations to Starbucks Workers United, and let’s keep the momentum going to ensure that Starbucks fulfills it’s commitment to providing a fair and just contract for its workers.

Dont forget to sign on to the No Contract, No Coffee Pledge and to join us at Pride at Work as we honor Starbucks Workers United with our Solidarity Award on June 27th, 2024 in Washington, DC.