Support for Civil Marriage Equality

Whereas, as trade unionists we believe all workers are entitled to a discrimination-free workplace and full parity when it comes to benefits, pay, and treatment; and

Whereas, as trade unionists we believe that our gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender brothers and sisters unequivocally deserve the same benefits as heterosexuals ; and

Whereas, trade unions have been securing groundbreaking contract language that provides lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender workers with a patchwork of protections and benefits; including, explicit anti-discrimination language and pay parity through domestic partnership benefits; and

Whereas, the United States General Accounting Office has documented over 1,000 federal benefits and protections acquired through civil marriage that are not available through domestic partnerships or civil unions; including social security benefits, worker’s compensation, pension or death benefits; nor do non-spouses receive benefits under the Family and Medical Leave Act to care for a sick partner or their children; and

Whereas, members of Pride At Work have a variety of views about marriage, according to their personal or religious beliefs, it remains a fundamental, uniting principle of our organization that all people are entitled to equal rights.

Now, therefore be it resolved, that Pride At Work, AFL-CIO endorses the right to civil marriage for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and rejects any efforts to further limit access to marriage equality through legislative, initiative or judicial means.

Submitted by Valentin Colon, Pride At Work Member, on August 1st, 2006.