Supporting AFA’s Delta Organizing

Whereas Pride at Work recognizes the vital importance of organizing the unorganized; and

Whereas Pride at Work’s growth as an organization is linked to its developing a national campaign to boost its visibility among working people; and

Whereas Pride at Work already has chapters in many large urban centers that have a high density of LGBTQ+ workers; and

Whereas the Association of Flight Attendants- CWA (AFA-CWA) has committed substantial resources to organizing the flight attendants at Delta Airlines; and

Whereas AFA-CWA believes that a significant percentage of Delta flight attendants are LGBTQ+; and

Whereas many of those LGBTQ+ flight attendants live in cities where Pride at Work has chapters; and

Whereas many of Delta’s largest hub cities are cities that Pride at Work has identified for development of new or existing chapters;

Therefore, Be It Resolved that Pride at Work offers its full support and participation to AFA- CWA for its Delta organizing campaign; and

Be It Further Resolved that Pride at Work make assisting with the Delta airlines campaign a priority for the next two years; and

Be It Finally Resolved that that national Co-Chairs will notify Sara Nelson, International President of AFA, of our willingness and commitment to provide assistance in organizing queer flight attendants and their non-queer colleagues in this important organizing drive.

Submitted by AFA-CWA