Transgender Rights in Massachusetts

WHEREAS, Massachusetts voters will be voting in the first ever statewide ballot imitative to rescind current rights for transgender people to have protected access to public accommodations, including restaurants, bathrooms, stores, sports facilities, and other public spaces; and

WHEREAS, Pride at Work exists to defend the rights of all LGBTQIA workers and community; and

WHEREAS, in Houston, Texas, transgender people lost the right of protected access to public accommodations in a city-wide ballot initiative; and

WHEREAS, all transgender union members, workers, and community would face great personal suffering if Massachusetts voters vote “No” on Ballot Question 3; and

WHEREAS, the result of this ballot initiative will have long-lasting national significance for the rights of all union members and workers; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Pride at Work urges all union internationals, and state and local unions, endorse transgender rights and support Freedom for All Massachusetts’ Vote Yes Campaign to defend transgender access to public accommodations and provide all possible material support to this campaign.

Submitted by Gerry Scoppettuolo, Boston Chapter
Approved August 25, 2018