Youth Leadership Resolution

Whereas, Pride at Work has demonstrated commitment to diversity;

Whereas, youth, defined as those individuals under the age of 35, are under-represented in union leadership at large;

Whereas, youth are under-represented within Pride at Work membership and leadership

Therefore, be it resolved that:

Pride at Work expands its efforts to more fully incorporate youth into membership and leadership roles;

Pride at Work allocate resources including but not limited to, creating an electronic list serve for youth leaders and supporting development of targeted outreach programs;

Pride at Work appoint a position on the National Executive Board for a youth leader who can be financially supported for the purposes of participation on the Board, as needed, and provide such notification of financial assistance.

Pride at Work’s National Executive Board and Executive Council members will actively foster and develop a divers group of leaders, with a particular focus on youth leaders, for future executive positions within Pride at Work.

Submitted by Gillian Claycomb, Pride at Work, Los Angeles