Resolution: Supporting the Massage Advocacy Project

Resolution Supporting the Massage Advocacy Project Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) work hard across the country to help their customers live healthier, more holistic lives. But many LMTs struggle with low wages, limited access to health care and no time off. To make their lives better, LMTs are joining together in […]

Resolution: Human Trafficking

Resolution on Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a crime that endangers the lives of millions of people around the world with domestic and transnational trafficking networks that know no borders. From forced labor and debt bondage to forced commercial sexual exploitation and involuntary domestic servitude, human trafficking leaves no country […]

Resolutions: LGBT Discrimination Is Un-American

LGBT Discrimination Is Un-American A Resolution in Support of the Equality Act WHEREAS, the United States of America was founded on the principle of equality and justice under the law, and; WHEREAS, the LGBT community has faced rampant discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations, education, credit, and nearly every other […]

Resolution: Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter A Resolution on Race Relations WHEREAS, since last summer, around the nation, the idea that “black lives matter,” has been the subject of intense activism from many Pride at Work members and allied organizations, and; WHEREAS, issues of systemic racism continue to plague the United States of […]

Resolution: In Remembrance of Cheryl Bollinger

A Resolution in Remembrance of Cheryl Bollinger WHEREAS, Cheryl Bollinger served as Co-Vice President of Pride at Work from 2009-2012, helping to see us through a difficult time, and; WHEREAS, Cheryl was a rock of stability and good will through an often contentious process. Regardless of differences of opinion, Cheryl was […]

Resolution: In Remembrance of Stephen Dinion

A Resolution in Remembrance Stephen Dinion WHEREAS, Stephen Dinion had a gentle soul and a passion for social justice. He was a wonderful person to know, loved by his partner, family, friends, and community. For those who knew Stephen, and even for those who had never met him, we are […]

Resolution: LGBT Equality in the Workplace Includes Labor Rights

LGBT Equality in the Workplace Includes Labor Rights A Resolution to Address the Fundamental Flaws of HRC’s Corporate Equality Index WHEREAS, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is the largest and best-funded LGBT civil rights organization in the United States, and; WHEREAS, given its breadth and scope, HRC has a special […]

Resolution: Pride at Work Supports Xenia Workers

Pride at Work Supports Xenia Workers A Resolution to Demand a Fair Process for Xenia Hotel Workers to Organize WHEREAS, Xenia owns dozens of hotels nationwide, and; WHEREAS, housekeepers and other workers at Xenia-owned hotels suffer strenuous workloads, low wages, unaffordable healthcare, and other indignities on the job, and, WHEREAS, […]